Sweet Treats

Fruit Tarts

This is the best tasting tart! The Fruit Tart has Maribelle’s secret ingredient which we cannot share, but it will leave you wanting more with each and every bite.

Small- 4″ tart $5.50

Medium- 9″ tart  $25.00

Large- 11″ tart $45.00

Italian Cheesecake

Our Italian cheesecake is a family recipe that you will be happy you tried. Rich and creamy, this 4″ high cheesecake will not disappoint. 10″ round


Individual cheesecake 4″ round 4″ high


Cake Pops

$1.95 and up

White chocolate with strawberry buttercream $1.95

Red Velvet with Cream Cheese $1.95

Ask us about our other flavor options

Custom special design cake pops $3.00- $5.00 depending on details.

Breakfast/ Brunch

Blueberry Muffins               Blueberry Lemon Scones
Chocolate Chip Muffins      Fruit Galettes
Lemon muffins
Pumpkin muffins
Cranberry Orange Scones



Dark chocolate brownies  $1.69 per square
Caramel pecan brownies   $2.00 per square
Blondie’s    $1.80 per square

Bars  $31.20 Per Dozen

Raspberry bars      Magic Cookie Bars
Lemon bars

Pies $20-$25.00

Raspberry Cream          Sweet Potato
Blueberry Cream           Coconut Cream
Strawberry                      Triple Berry

Eclairs and Cream Puffs

Call us to hear about our tasty seasonal flavors


Large Chocolate Chip   $1.80

Decorated Sugar cookies $1.95 and up

Large Oatmeal Raisin $1.80

Regular sized Cookies: $18 per dozen

Chocolate Chip /Oatmeal raisin/Snickerdoodle

French Shortbread/ Sable cookies $2.50 per cookie

Assorted Cookie Trays – $18 and up


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